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Part 3

Written by Zeroodd

Drawing by BumblingB

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Eagleclaw looked up hours later as the door to the doctor’s office opened, and little Eaglebones stepped out, his arm wrapped in a thick cast, his eyes a little red and puffy from tears. With no one looking their direction, Eagleclaw quickly went to his little brother’s side and gave him a careful hug, squeezing him close. “Hey hey, you’re gonna be okay little guy, you’ll be okay…”

Eaglebones sniffled into his brother’s shoulder, and that sense of self-loathing pierced Eagleclaw’s gut again. He looked over his little bro, and a part of him was greatly relieved that he hadn’t broken anything else. Since they’d been little kids, his folks had always warned him about how fragile Eaglebones was. And how even a small amount of trauma could break one of his little bones so easily. Eaglebones could never fully be like any of the other kids at school or around the block. He couldn’t just run around and trip and shake it off. There was always the risk he could break a joint or crack his skull open. So, like Eagleclaw, he’d never been able to fit in…always had to be careful and could never do anything a normal little kid could.

And Eagleclaw had been the jerk who told him to jump out a tree. It almost made him nauseous that he’d told Eaglebones to do that, a small sense of self-loathing creeping into him, Eaglebones snapping him out of it through by wincing, “Bro y-you’re squeezing too hard…” 

Eagleclaw set him down, then ran a clawed hand through his feathery hair, thinking for a moment. If mom and dad found out about this… He carefully picked up Eaglebones, “Alright, lets get you home.” 

Eaglebones nodded and the older brother started to carry Eaglebones home, trying to think up excuses to why Eaglebones’ arm was broken. It wouldn’t be too bad of one if he just said it’d been a stupid stunt. Wasn’t much of a lie and his dad was a stunt preformer, so it wouldn’t be hard to believe his sons would try something similar. But Eagleclaw couldn’t supress that guilt he felt. The only thing he could seem to do was replace it with something, something less crushing-anger. Anger at himself, at the tree, at all those people who’d watched Eaglebones fall but did nothing to catch him. 

He stepped through the door minutes later, relieved that neither of their parents had returned yet, setting Eaglebones down. Eagleclaw turned to him, “Would you be cool here on your own for a sec, kid?” 

Eaglebones frowns, “Where are you going? What if my arm needs anything? Or will you get in trouble for leaving me here?” 

The older brother thought for a moment, before ruffling Eaglebones hair. “It’ll just be a sec. I promise.” 

Eaglebones sniffled a little before nodding, Eagleclaw pausing at the door before, clearing his throat a little, “Maybe I’ll even get you something nice while I’m out, if you’re good.” 

The younger brother perked up a little, encouraged by that, giving Eagleclaw’s legs a half hug before he left, heading off to grab some medicine and call his parents about what happened, shutting the door behind him. He sighed, rubbing a hand over his face as he walked. This was going to be one hell of a conversation, but they had to find out sooner rather then later…

Man, what would be the thing to get Eaglebones though? He busted his arm, and he still felt sick with guilt over it. What kind of big bro was he? However, it was at that moment that he passed a leather shop, spying the smaller jacket in the window, blinking. It only took a second for him to go in, buy it, and have it put in a little giftbox. 

And it only took him a few more seconds to walk outside again and find himself getting hit in the face with some sort of purse, blinking at the girls from the park standing before him, “What the-“ 

"You’re a major jerkwad Eagleclaw!" One of them shrieked, whacking him again with her purse, Eagleclaw looking confusedly to her. "He wouldn’t have gotten hurt if it hadn’t been for you!" 

Suddenly, that sick feeling was coursing through him again, and he found himself getting pelted by a vast line of women’s accessories, ducking to avoid their attacks, waiting for them to just leave him alone and let him call his parents, grab medicine, and go home. They yelled at him the whole while, calling him a waste of a brother for basically telling his sibling to jump out a tree and ignore him for them. 

He waited, waited for a long while before they finally got bored and left, grumbling under their breaths. He stood, wiping a bit of blood off his bruised nose, picking up the box again with a frown. He shook his head a little and limped to the nearest pharmacy, feeling worse about himself then ever. Anger boiled in him, and it was starting to be directed at more then just himself.

Why did Eaglebones have to be such a stupid little brat?

"I couldn’t tell what had affected him so bad at the time. I was too young to realize how guilty he must have felt, or how confused he must have been. I wish I’d been able to stop him, make him feel better about himself again…but…"

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